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Moroccan Property
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Morocco Property Investment Specialist

Morocco Property Specialist

Why Moroccan Sands is your best choice when buying in Morocco

Buy Property In MoroccoMoroccan Sands

Moroccan Sands is a vibrant, modern real estate company with a reputation for being refreshingly honest and realistic about overseas property. Obviously it's our job to sell you a property, but we make sure that it's you who chooses, with all the facts in front of you.

Our approach is what sets us apart from other agencies. We achieve our results through hard work and we are constantly examining our services and the market to achieve the highest professional and ethical standard.

Here's why Moroccan Sands out-performs the rest when it comes to property in Morocco:


1. How much do they really know about Morocco?

We don't sell every country in the world, instead we specialise in Morocco. We recognise that in order to make successful investments or to choose the right holiday home you need all the correct facts in front of you. All our staff regularly travel to Morocco, giving them a valuable insight into everything connected to the country and giving you a priceless experienced-based source of advice.


2. Can you talk to someone in charge or just the telesales centre?

The Director and Managers of Moroccan Sands are available to talk to you. We care about our business and are concerned to ensure we meet and exceed our clients expectations.


3. Do they check the legal status of the developments they sell?

Many companies that deal in lots of countries are only interested in the sale. They're not here for the long haul and if problems arise with any country or development they can simply drop the product and re focus elsewhere.

At Moroccan Sands we're committed to Morocco and hope to be in business for many years to come. If we're not selling a development that you're interested in, please ask us why. There's always a good reason, normally it's something like a dispute as to who actually owns the land or that the contracts the buyer is expected to sign is unacceptable.


4. Do they have an office or publish their address?

It always amazes us how many companies try to hide where they're based. No matter how much you explore their website you won't find an address. Is this because they don't want disgruntled clients coming to the office? Or something more sinister?

Our address is: Office 23, Edificio Milla de Oro in Marbella. (Near the Guadalpin hotel on the Golden Mile)


5. Does their portfolio of properties match your demands?

Is there a justification for why they sell a particular range of property? At Moroccan Sands we cherry pick the best developments in a particular price range, ensuring we offer the best possible mix between investment returns and resort facilities.


6. How much of their business is from recommendations?

A significant portion of our business is from friends, family and acquaintances of past and present clients. We think that this speaks volumes about our approach to people and the way we conduct our business.


7. Will they speak to you once you've bought?

We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients. Once you've bought a property we're still here to help and please feel free to ask us anything to help you in your new home in Morocco.


8. Would you cross the street to avoid them?

Are they the sort of people you want to do business with? No amount of bright colours and slick advertising can buy our clients goodwill. We work hard for you and make buying in Morocco the pleasure it should be.


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