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Buy-To-Let Sector Fuelling Demand for Tangier Property

Posted in Property News by Colin Timms Friday September 19, 2008

In recent years, Morocco has emerged as leading hotspot for overseas property investors. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the atmospheric port city of Tangier, where large-scale property developments are changing the skyline of the eastern part of the city.

La Perle de Tangier: Ideal buy-to-let apartments

Happily, for lovers of traditional Moroccan attractions, the new Tangier property developments are well away from the much visited souks, kasbah and medina which are clustered on the hills, close to the port in the central area of the city.

However, the eastern edge of Tangier, a few blocks inland from the golden crescent of sand which is Tangier bay, is currently seeing a boom in new mixed use developments. Much of this frenetic building activity can be attributed to the interest of overseas investors who have identified Tangier as the perfect low cost, buy-to-let destination.

Just a short hop by high-speed ferry from mainland Spain and the British enclave of the Costa del Sol, Tangier has benefitted from the overheating of the Spanish property market, the boom in tourism and influx of big businesses such as Renault and Nissan who have been attracted by the low production costs in Morocco.

This has resulted in an increasing demand for western standard property from Morocco’s new business elite and the swelling expat community who have been drawn to the city by Tangiers’ laid-back lifestyle, low cost of living and pleasant, year-round climate.

One of the most prominent new developments is La Perle de Tangier, a mixed, residential, office, hotel and retail project. Two bedroom apartments at La Perle which come with hydro massage baths, internet access and superb sea views can be bought for around £129,000 (GBP).

Furthermore, the Spanish developer is now selling units with a guaranteed rental of 7% for two years. The guarantee is conditional on the owner purchasing a furniture pack which for a two bed unit is only £2,550.

Apartments at La Perle have proved extremely popular with investors on buy-to-let strategies, and this new rental offer can only add to their appeal.

Morocco Property Report – 19th September 2008

No Credit Crunch for Morocco Property Buyers…

Posted in Property News by Colin Timms Friday September 19, 2008

Morocco is immune to the sub-prime meltdown, claims minister…

Economy and Finance Minister, Salaheddine Mezouar said on Thursday that Morocco is immune to the sub-prime meltdown affecting many countries. He asserted that for several reasons, notably the fact that Morocco’s financial sector doesn’t hold loans or securities in financial institutions or international investment funds affected by sub-prime lending.

Crisis, What Crisis?

Addressing a cabinet meeting on the recent developments of the nation’s economy and the international environment, Mezouar said that Morocco property loans in are mainly of the fixed interest variety with the possibility for variable interest rate loan beneficiaries to opt for fixing rates under well regulated and predictable conditions.

“The financial status of Moroccan banking institutions has shown significant improvement in recent years, mainly thanks to the tightening-up of banking supervision and the stabilisation of the public financial sector”. The minister said, adding, “The upsurge in energy and food products had impacted on Morocco’s balance of payments and public finances”.

However, he stated, “Thanks to government support through the compensation fund, the effects of this upsurge has had negligible impact on our citizen’s purchasing power”. The minister concluded, “In real terms, GDP rose by 7% and 6.7% respectively in the first two quarters of 2008 which would allow for an estimated growth rate of 6.8% this year”.

Morocco Property Report 19th September 2008

IMF report: Moroccan economy largely unaffected by global downturn

Posted in Property News by admin Thursday September 18, 2008

According to a report by the International Monetary Fund, published on Tuesday, the Moroccan economy remains in good shape despite the current economic turmoil affecting many parts of the world.

It’s not just property for sale in Morocco!

The IMF report stated that with stronger public finances, a more diversified economy and a sound financial sector, there is no reason why Morocco cannot continue with its economic progress.

The report stressed that in recent years Morocco has made major progress with increased economic growth which has strengthened the economy’s resilience to global setbacks. The report stated that these gains reflected continuing structural reforms, sound macro-economic policies and good opportunities provided by globalization.

“Robust tourism receipts and remittance flows have mostly offset the negative trade balance, and with strong capital flows, external reserves rose from $22 billion at end-2006 to $26.5 billion at end-May 2008, equivalent to 6.4 months of 2009 imports of goods,” the report added.

Moroccan Sands – The Morocco Property Experts

18th September 2008

Low-cost carriers new air hub welcomed by Morocco property buyers

Posted in Property News by Colin Timms Wednesday September 17, 2008

Low-cost airline Air Arabia based in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates are reported to be expanding their operations by launching a hub in Morocco.

Morocco property to get low-cost boost

According to the Khaleej Times, the new hub will be in Morocco’s capital, Rabat and is scheduled to commence operations in the first quarter of 2009.

Air Arabia say that the new hub represents an ideal opportunity to reach the fast-growing markets in North Africa and across the Mediterranean into Europe.

It is understood that the airline has placed an order for 49 new Airbus A320 aircraft to replace its current fleet of 10 A320s. Air Arabia’s CEO, Adel Ali is quoted as saying, “we might need more A320s for the new hub in Rabat which will require its own fleet”.

Modelled on leading European and American low-cost carriers, the airline has been in operation since 2003. Air Arabia is the largest low-cost operator in the Middle East and North Africa.

It is hoped that the airline will eventually open routes to both Britain and Ireland where the demand for low-cost air fares is being fuelled by the ever-increasing numbers of investors who are purchasing Morocco property.

Leading UAE developer announces new Tangier property project

Posted in Property News by Colin Timms Wednesday September 10, 2008

The vibrant Tangier property sector has been further boosted by the news that Gulf Holding Company (GHC) has just announced its entry into North Africa with a massive $800 million project in Northern Morocco.

Tangier Port with Cap Malabata in the distance (right)

GHC has acquired the 600,000m2 Royal Resort Cap Malabata development and is to build a prestigious mixed use project called, Villa Royale.

When completed, the project will consist of 400 residential units, a health clinic, an international school and an equestrian centre.

Villa Royale is less than 20 minutes away from Tangier city centre, and enjoys fantastic vistas of both the Med coast and the Straits of Gibraltar and beyond to the coast of Southern Spain.

Other projects currently underway in the Cap Malabata area include Malabata Hills and the luxurious Les Jardins de Malabata residential development.

As well as its convenient location, close Tangier Port with its fast ferries linking Africa to Europe, Cap Malabata also benefits from being within easy reach of the new La Perle de Tangier business, retail and residential complex, taking shape on the eastern edge of the city.

Morocco Property Report – 10th September 2008

Marrakech property riding on the crest of a wave

Posted in Property News by Colin Timms Tuesday September 9, 2008

Just imagine it…owning a beautiful Marrakech property with its very own sea view. It sounds like an ideal combination…. Unfortunately, Marrakech lies some 160 kilometres inland from the coast, so unless you happen to be blessed with superhuman vision, sea views are absolutely out of the question!

Making Waves in Marrakech…

However, all is not lost… owners of properties at the new Al Johara Resort near Marrakech will soon be able to enjoy what is believed to be Morocco’s first wave pool.

The developers of this amenity packed family resort are investing hundreds of thousands of euros in a state-of-the-art wave generating pool complete with swaying palms and a white sandy beach.

Ok, so we are not exactly talking “Marrakech on Sea” here…but this fantastic wave pool, capable of producing 4-6 sizable waves per minute, is sure to be a hit with the whole family. However, if they get bored playing surfer dudes, the Al Johara Resort has plenty of other distractions.

On-site there is a nine hole golf course with practice greens and a driving range, a tennis academy, equestrian centre, Moroccan cookery school, fully equipped gymnasium and health spa.

Those who prefer to float serenely on an airbed sipping a cool cocktail will be pleased to know that the Al Johara Resort also has an abundance of non-wave generating swimming pools!

Morocco Property Report – 9th September 2008

New Nissan and Renault car plant announced for Tangier

Posted in Property News by Colin Timms Wednesday September 3, 2008

In another move that highlights the growing economic strength of Morocco, carmakers Renault and Nissan have announced that they are joining forces to produce up to 400,000 vehicles in a new manufacturing complex to be built near Tangier in Northern Morocco.

Tangier: Becoming more than just a tourist destination

The complex will be within the free trade zone, located close to the recently upgraded Tangier International Airport. The joint venture is the largest manufacturing project undertaken by the two car making giants. When fully operational the complex will produce a new range of light vans for Nissan and low cost cars for Renault.

Carlos Ghosn, who is chief executive of Renault and Nissan said, ‘We’re talking about a whole set of cars that are competitive and will be exported from this platform’.

At the weekend, the two car makers signed a memorandum of understanding with Morocco’s government for the project which is the country’s biggest car facility to date, and one of the Mediterranean region’s largest.

Renault and Nissan are to invest €600m into the venture, with a further €200m-€400m to follow, depending on the vehicles produced. When complete, the new facility will have the capacity to manufacture 200,000 vehicles from 2010, with capacity later rising to some 400,000 vehicles.

Moroccan Sands Comment: Projects such as the newly announced car plant, the huge new Tangier container and passenger port and the millions of dollars being spent on upgrading Northern Morocco’s infrastructure, are turning the Tangier region into a boom area. This massive investment is being matched by the millions currently being ploughed into the new wave of Tangier property projects.

Developments such as the Al Houara Resort and the bargain priced, Atlantic Golf Resort (From €73,000) just south of Tangier, look set to benefit from both price uplift and enhanced rental potential created by the expected demand for quality rental accommodation from the new business elite relocating to the area.

Morocco Property Report 3rd September 2008 –

Hummer Driving Academy event to take place in Morocco

Posted in Property News by admin Friday August 29, 2008

Morocco Property Report 29th August 2008 –

HUMMER owners, friends and enthusiasts are being offered a unique opportunity to take vehicles to their limits in some of the most spectacular terrain in the world. The first HUMMER Driving Academy event takes place in Morocco from 7-12 November 2008 and will take a fleet of 14 HUMMER H3s on a 1300km route which includes the Sahara Desert.

Off-Road Adventurers!

The HUMMER H3s will carry necessary survival equipment, desert tyres and GPS satellite navigation systems, but are otherwise standard, 3.7 litre 5-cylinder automatic H3s.

Each of the 14 teams consists of a driver and co-driver. They will be given full instruction on the specialised off-road driving and GPS navigation techniques, as they take in a route from the port of Agadir in southern Morocco, across a range of terrain.

The section between Taroudant and Marrakech takes in spectacular salt flats, before crossing tough mountain trails en-route to Ouarzezate, then hitting the dunes of the Sahara desert for a crossing to Chegaga. An awe-inspiring dry lake bed will hone navigation skills on the way to Taliouine, before the participants return to Agadir. Participants will also spend one unforgettable night in a comfortable nomadic tent in Erg Chegaga.

The HUMMER Driving Academy event in Morocco is the first of a series of events which will be rolled out in 2009. Their aim is to offer HUMMER owners and their friends a series of unique off-road experiences and to demonstrate the off-road capabilities that have made HUMMER a legend around the world. Source:

Moroccan Sands Comment: If all this appears a little too adventurous for your liking, we suggest that you forego the Hummer and instead, jump in a taxi from central Marrakech for the 20 minute journey to the fabulous Al Johara Resort .  Admittedly, the resort is currently under construction, but when complete, this family orientated Marrakech property development will have so many civilised on-site attractions that we guarantee any thoughts of being shaken up in a monster off-roader will quickly evaporate!

Spanish boat owners look to Morocco for moorings

Posted in Property News by Michael Kent Thursday August 28, 2008

Saidia Property Report 28th August 2008 –

There are waiting lists of up to five years for moorings on the Costa del Sol. This has led many owners to look across the waters to the coastline of Morocco for affordable and available moorings.

Marina Saidia: An attractive alternative to the Costa del Sol

It sounds like the ideal life – buy a boat then moor it in sunny Spain – perfect for a weekend getaway or a holiday on the seas. The problem is that the supply of boats has far outstripped the availability of “wet” moorings in Southern Spain meaning that many owners are forced to dry dock their boats and incur expenses each time they take them in or out of the water.

However, the solution lies close at hand – just across the water in Morocco on the spectacular stretch of coastline known as Morocco’s Blue Pearl. Here the magnificent development of Mediterrania Saidia will be the third largest marina on the Mediterranean, capable of holding 1,350 boats from 7m to over 50m. As well providing much needed extra capacity the marina can also boast all the facilities and services needed to repair, restock and refit even the largest ocean going cruisers.

What’s more, for those who worry that owning a boat is very much like throwing your money into the sea, the prices here compare extremely favourably with Puerto Banus. A 12m berth in Saidia is available for only €49,711 whereas a similar berth in Puerto Ban us would set you back over €195,000, suggesting that as well as being affordable and accessible the berths in Saidia could turn out to be a canny investment.

Indeed the aim of the Saidia Resort is to create a new luxury destination on the Mediterranean that will attract high-spending, affluent boating elite. Backed by both the government and the King of Morocco (who often holidays in the area) the Saidia Resort aims to be the ultimate all-year round sports and sun destination with three golf courses, Olympic standard sports facilities and a David Lloyd Tennis Centre – just for starters.

When the project was launched with the personal backing of the King few could have envisaged the sophisticated resort area now taking shape. Nine elegant luxury hotels line the glorious 6km of white sandy beaches along which the resort is set. Just off the beach are over 3,000 villas, riads and apartments whilst the impressive Medina area will be home to over 230 retail outlets including many recognisable household names such as Mango, Vertu and Lacoste. The budget airlines have already booked slots at the international airport and regular flights from all over Europe are beginning to be announced.

For Marbella resident, Marcus Ricci, Saidia has everything that you could wish for in a next generation leisure resort. Mr Ricci, who recently moored his boat in Saidia, had previously been renting a berth at a far higher price in Sotogrande while placing his name on the waiting list for Puerto Banus. He discovered Saidia when he visited the site with a view to purchasing a fully managed condo room in the five-star Radisson Saidia Hotel and Spa. This frontline beach hotel offers purchasers the opportunity to buy a fully furnished hotel suite and then let it back to the hotel operator for a healthy return. What’s more, whenever Marcus wants to stay he simply arranges with the hotel operator to have his suit ready for him when he arrives.

Marcus Ricci is not the only person to see the potential in Saidia. Several England footballers have recently visited Saidia to check on properties they’ve bought there, including luxury villas in the Le Jardin de Fleur Resort. Other top sporting stars including Formula One drivers have also invested in the resort, correctly recognising that what’s being created here is a truly special resort, offering luxury fully furnished homes managed by recognised five star hotel operators to maximise rental income when you’re not using your home.

Costa del Sol based company, Property Logic, is responsible for the eleven Le Jardin de Fleur developments in Saidia comprising hotel-operated villas and apartments all designed in an attractive Moroccan style. Simon Boxus, Commercial Director commented, “When we chose the destination of Saidia three years ago we recognised the unique combination of super marina, golf courses and five star amenities would attract the luxury tourist market. Already back then we saw the huge potential of Morocco – now the dream is coming alive.”

Marrakech the natural choice for travel industry conference

Posted in Property News by Colin Timms Friday August 22, 2008

Marrakech Property Report 22th August 2008…

The Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) has announced that they will be holding their 2008 conference in Marrakesh in Morocco. The Conference is scheduled for November 27-30.

Marrakech: A city of exotic charm

Marrakech, with its friendly people, exotic charm and warm weather is a natural choice for the association, with many AITO members promoting the city as an ideal holiday destination.

As news of the decision reached the industry, Derek Moore, AITO chairman explained: “It has been a long-term goal of mine to bring the AITO conference to Morocco. It’s a fascinating destination and is certain to be a popular choice among delegates”.

He added: “We have a number of members who operate to Morocco and each has intimated to me that we are in for a real treat. While we will enjoy the hospitality of our Moroccan hosts, there is also a work aspect to the conference”.

Responding to the AITO Chairman, Ali El Kasmi, Moroccan National Tourist Office Director for the UK and Ireland said:“We are delighted to host the AITO Conference 2008 and welcome delegates to our beautiful country”.

In welcoming to decision of the AITO to hold their conference in Marrakech, Mr El Kasmi stated: “Tourism is of immense importance to Morocco and hosting these tour operators provides us with a superb opportunity to showcase our country to a wider audience”.

“The vibrant city of Marrakesh is home to a tempting choice of restaurants, incredible sights and memorable experiences and I have no doubt that AITO will have an excellent conference.” He concluded.

Moroccan Sands Comment:

The AITO’s choice of Marrakech as a venue for their annual conference could be in anticipation of the increasing importance of Morocco as an international tourist destination.

As leading Morocco property specialists, we are privileged to offer several world beating holiday resort developments in and around Marrakech; superb projects such as the Al Johara Resort which we are offering a 40% discount for early investors.

When finished, these fantastic new developments will further enhance Marrakech’s reputation as Morocco’s premier tourist destination as well as satisfying the ever growing demand for high quality accommodation in and around Marrakech.